Guillaumit is illustrator, graphic designer and motion designer from France.

His work combine geometric forms , rigid colour sheme and and funny cartoons characters. He try to build a universe both ludic and meaningful.

His work was showed in different exhibitions in Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin …

Clients : Centre pompidou, Orange, Sosh, Sony, Frac Aquitaine, Arte, Agence meanings, Bruit du firgo, Konbini, Terra ecco, Amusement magazine,
Le monde, Bayard, Waiting for the sun, agence Black Candy, CNRS …

Guillaumit works also in Gangpol & Mit project.

He make the videos, Gangpol does the sound, they work together to produce a mix of music and visuals during live shows. They played in several gigs in different country ( Japan, USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, South africa …. )